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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hey to all, thank you for visiting my new blog titled," Your Dream Stylist". I chose this name because I ALWAYS fantasize about piecing together outfits, with accesories, apparel, shoes, makeup, hair styles....the whole nine. Its like I dream of all these outfits that dont exist, but I can make it real! I find myself talking amongst my friends about putting together clothes that simply do not exist(in my closet anyway lol) or that we know of . So this is my attempt and mission to help those who think like me, but just need an extra hand to make their visions come to light. I am constantly asked, "Where did you get that?" or complimented on my style, so those of you that do not know me, I would like to share my style with you. So if you have not yet aquired a sense of style, or you would just like styling tips, advice, suggestions, and feedback as how to go about getting dressed..stylishly that is. I have also styled my own hair and have done my own makeup for over 10 years and I know how visuals help to give you a better idea of how an overall look will be, so I will post looks of different styles by myself and/or others that inspire me.So, whether it be for a day with the girls, an evening out, a professional setting etc. I am here to help you obtain all that you need to become your most stylish you!

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