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Friday, March 23, 2012

Comparing Prices: Boutique tribal mini vs Forever 21 tribal mini reading the latest edition of the St. Louis based magazine Alive's boutique top picks!!! I love how they give the scoop on hot fashions!!! But I came across the above (top) pic and saw this cute mini at $250....but yesterday I saw this pencil/mini skirt at forever 21 for $7!! The material was thick and stretchy..I loved it!..So my question is..why do some boutiques feel like they have to have the highest markup on trend items that fast fashion stores cary...Now which skirt would you ladies buy????


  1. No brainer! I love boutiques but absolutely hate being over charged.

  2. Honey u already know, Forever 21! That markup should be illegal smh

    1. I just dont get it..this isnt a classic, timeless piece...soooooooo why is it $243 more again??

  3. I would shop boutiques but they mark things up too high! I need to grab this skirt!

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