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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Favs of the summer: High and lows & scarf tops

So it was my girl Joy's birthday! And we went for a complete summer look! Colors, highs & lows, and cute look! I have really been into rocking every lightweight fall scarf I have into a shirt! Its as easy as wrapping it up around your body and tying it in any place you choose. I've worn this look 4 times already! Got any scarves??? Try it and let me know how it looks??


  1. you look fab! happy belated yo your friend!
    xoxo, Candize B

  2. You go girl. I love the fit and especially those earrings and neon shoes! Work it lady

  3. Oh how did you do that..
    Make the scarf into a shirt thats uber cute

  4. Shawn, you absolutely gorgeous! Loving the entire ensemble, Werk!!!