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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY: Doorknocker earrings

So I have been seeing these very pricey doorknocker earrings on websites reatailing for $78 or more...a total waste of money ladies..this is totally easy!! I made a pair back in July to take with me to New York..this is all you need:
1. a pair of doorknockers from your local beauty supply store $1
2. some fabric, I used some fabric from some paints I didnt want that I got from the goodwill..cut enough to wrap around your earring
3. E6000 fabric glue(found at craft stores for$5.99) to secure your fabric on your earring....and VOILA!


  1. You have the scoop on everything!!!!! I love your posts.

  2. LOL In my Baritone Billy voice "Hard in the Paint" ...LHH