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Thursday, November 24, 2011

What are you thankful for?? CHEAP FAB HAIR STYLES LOL

So for almost a month in bewtween rocking my natural frockj curly or straightend I have been wearing a bun! I first wore one the second day of fashion week here in STL, because I wanted a different look everyday and this was perfect. Its weather, event, and occassion friendly! It can be worn to work, out, intervies, gala...ANYWHERE. My member at filthy racks forever asked me to do a pictorial and because Im lazy I havent. So I found this video! Same concept, you may need less hair or the same but this is what I do exactly whether I braid it or twist it! Hope you like it! What is an easy versatile style for you ladies?
All you need is:

1. Jumbo braid at your local beauty supply no more than $1.50
2. Small rubberbands
3. Spritz/gel
4. Brush
5. shine serum for your real hair

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