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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goodwill Haul...And my NYE outfit is found!!!

So I was between making my NYE outfit and buying it...I was over my sewing I decided to just buy it! I found somw nice pieces and put myself on a $30 budget....I only spent $17....not bad huh? And on top of that...I found other goodies as well..
Kenneth Cole Leather Skirt $7.50...a steal right?
My sheer colorful shirt...I LOVE it! $7.00
I love this white blouse...I just dont know how to wear it...hmmm any suggestions?
These two scarves were $.99...I love a good deal

Wow $15??? NICE

Have you ever came in from working in heels and took em off at the door...well this is what after 2 weeks of doing smh

Oh and I LOVE vertical tights...I cannot WAIT to rock them
Me trying them on...I LOVE them!..Hope you guys like my items...what do you think?


  1. Nice finds, I NEED those vertical tights!

  2. Awesome finds! I've been on the prowl for a leather skirt. I guess I need to go thrifting. I can see that white blouse paired with a statement necklace, dark blue skinnies, and a brightly colored pump such as fuchsia. The heel would POP! If its chilly, remove the necklace, switch to a fur stole, add a blazer and then a trench for some chic layering :-)

  3. those shows for $15? sweet! I need some tights myself and I really like those scarfs
    please follow me back

  4. Yes... just cute.. the vertical tights are hott.. I've been looking for a pair


  5. Hi ladies...I got those tights from Rainbow for $3.99 those shoes were there as well...@Ashi im followin hun....Fashion Pad...sounds perfect hunny thanx so much!

  6. Love the leather skirt, but I gotta get my hands on the tights! CUTE!

  7. i love these tights they are gorgeous :) and the outfit you are wearing too is fab:) loving the blog xx

  8. very cute finds!! :DD Best wishes for the new year!!

  9. You have some great finds! I especially love the tights! I'm a big fan of vertical tights as well!