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Friday, December 9, 2011

If I can decided on which dress...I'll figure out the rest

I dont want to go out a buy a dress when I have a few..but I dont know which one I should wear! I have two holiday party's tonight and Sunday...hmmmmm??? Tonight's is cocktail attire and Sunday's is at a home...What should I do? Comments greatly appreciated!


  1. nice! personally i would go for the red one tonight and the lacey one on sunday. reason? because the sequined dress will give that nice glamour with a pined up look or bun and the lacey one is more toned down for a house event with pearl accessories and a nice touch of red lip..the fringe dress to me doesn't really spell cocktail as much.
    hope I helped a lil lol let me know what you decided on later!

  2. For tonight go with that red sequin dress 1st dress! OMG! I love it!!
    Ashi is totally right! You should go with your hair in a bun and sultry eyes :D

    On Sunday def go with that lace dress :) The fringe is more party and the lace can be toned down to a house event.

  3. I agree with the two ladies Ashi And Forever Fashion.. Red for Saturday and Lace for Sunday, we already know you're gonna look gorgeous! Look forward to seeing the post looks :)

  4. Red dress for tonight and lace for Sunday!!!

  5. omg ladies thanks for the help...greatly appreciated..I didnt make Fridays event..but I have another one next ill do tge red then and lace tonight...ill def post pics!!