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Monday, April 2, 2012

Photoshoot, Album Cover, and OOTN for Album Release party!

The photoshoot was for the album All Mixed up from R&B Talent Joaquin, the single for the song "Sticky Situation" is about a man dating two women (having his cake and eating it too) Iwas playing the other woman....I havent played that role before...not that I know of at least lol...But good music and great talent nonetheless...loooking forward to gettings a copy of the album!

This is the cover...its a "Sticky Situation"
Album release part OOTN: Studded bustier and shoes customized by me:)
Knuckle clutch:Icing
Belt 1: Gucci
Belt 2: Goodwill
Was feeling a little fierce:)....Too bad my "fashionably" late self...MISSED the party...I got there so late it was over:(

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