Sunday, March 25, 2012

OOTN: All black and Studs & New Hair

Hey lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Sunday! I decided to throw on my one shoulder sheer dress and my newly studdded Sam Edelman's last night! I am also rocking a new natural look! I used Model Model Glance Soft Jerry Curl hair in a #1 and a #530. Two bags at $7.99 a box, not bad huh! Itsa mixed fiber but it feels soooo much like human and I really like it. I decided to make it out of a 3/4 invisible part wig, depending on how long it stays up, I may or may not keep the wig...but its such a bargain price, i know I'll try it again! So Anybody try anything new this weekend? Do tell??? ~Shawn

Friday, March 23, 2012

Comparing Prices: Boutique tribal mini vs Forever 21 tribal mini reading the latest edition of the St. Louis based magazine Alive's boutique top picks!!! I love how they give the scoop on hot fashions!!! But I came across the above (top) pic and saw this cute mini at $250....but yesterday I saw this pencil/mini skirt at forever 21 for $7!! The material was thick and stretchy..I loved it!..So my question is..why do some boutiques feel like they have to have the highest markup on trend items that fast fashion stores cary...Now which skirt would you ladies buy????

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My customized and design collection!

I have been seriously thinking about opening an online store! I have been making and customizing pieces for others and selling the things I have made thus far...its a thought...but Im leaning towards actually doin it! Would you guys let me customize an article of clothing, customized some shoes, or make you some jewelry?? I am awaiting feedback from you guys! <3

Monday, March 19, 2012

OOTN: Chain belt & black bodysuit

Thought I'd give my black belt a facelift and add this gold old school chain to it...and my chain earrings:)

DIY: Sam Edelman stiletto embellished with studs

Can yall believe that price??? OMG how coud I not..and to add insult to injury..I used my Nordstrom discount on top of that..I just wanted to piss my coworker off...more lol

I loved them regular..but I just love to this is what I did...this is becoming quite the hobby of mines..Im thinking about expanding....hmmmmm:)

Spring/Summer quick and easy look:Long braid

All you need is $5.00
!00% kankelon $1.19 a bag ( I used 2 bags)
Ampro or eco styler gel $.99
brush, rubberband, and thats all folks!



Friday, March 16, 2012

OOTD: Mustard high waist trousers from Goodwill

I must of changed my hair 5 times this anywho..this is one bargain outfit!! It was just under $30! I can work with any budget!!
Blazer-Goodwill $2
Tank-forever 21 $3.50
Trousers-Goodwill $5
Necklace-Beauty Supply $2.99
Snakeprint shoes-Old Navy $12.99

Color block trend under $20

Forever 21 $17.80
Love Culture $19.90
Forever 21 $15.80

Forever 21 $14.80
Dont have to break the bank for this seasons trends!

Is Spring here yet?

June Ambrose takes her styling to Target

To call this woman FIERCE is an understatement...but please visit for all the above looks! Would you let June style you??

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

OOTD: Dressy Chic & Customized heels by me:)

This whole outfit cost under $50; V neck $5.99 (Forever 21)
pencil skirt $7.80 Forever 21
shoes Steve Madden $23.00
Neck Collar  Icing $8.75

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy 31st Birthday(Yep im that old) Photoshoot Fresh

Wanted a really dramatic eye for my looks:)

Latoya and I waiting on Kimora's part of the shoot to start!!
Pin Up..Inspiration was from Beyonce's "Why Dont you Love me?" video

Taking a break celebrating with Champagne...its def an occassion:)
Kimora, myself and Latoya:)
Latoya and her closet...too cute
Awww what a pretty ride two door Bentley Coupe...YES GAWD!
Dont let the sun fool you I was chilllllly in that fit hunny!
Feeling like Beyonce in Upgrade You!!!!!!!!
We took wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more pictures than this..but this is what we were able to capture with the help of the photographers assistant! We had a ball...I cant wait to see how the pics turn out!!! Im really excited!!! Now on to the birthday dress...

Yea the dress I was SUPPOSE to have for my photoshoot...I left at home..but got a chance to jump into it for my bday dinner at Brasserie by Niche French Cuisine!!!
And not to toot my own horn...but my heels I customized....are FLAWLESS!!
Bday Snaps

Dinner...I had a lovely birthday!